Name: VIP (1 month)
Price: 4.99
  • Grants you the VIP Prefix
  • Grants Access to mining spawners without silktouch
  • Grants access to 1 personal vaults (/pv <#>)
  • Grants access to 3 legendary key every 24 days! (/kit Legendary)
  • Grants acces to flying everywhere!
  • Grants access to change spawners with spawn eggs
  • Grant access to the /sell handall command! [Sells all of the item your currently holding]
  • Grants access to selling items in the Player shop WITH a custom shop name!
  • Grants access to teleport hoppers
  • Grants access to /workbench, a crafting table!

VIP Features are bound to change when the server owners find it neccesary. Removing features or replacing them is allowed and will not grant a refund!